What is Salvation?

No doubt if you have spent much time around Christians you have heard the expression
saved, redeemed or salvation. These are Christian buzz words that can be a bit
confusing because they are used by different people in different ways and can mean
different things. No wonder people are confused.

So what is salvation really?
So often people have a very narrow view of salvation. To many people salvation means
not going to Hell and going to Heaven. But salvations is so much richer than simply
determining a direction for your soul to travel when you die. Salvation is God's way of
restoring your relationship with Him while you are here on earth and of course in
eternity. Sin has destroyed mankind's relationship with God because when we are full of
sin, we are unable to have a right relationship with God because He is Holy.
Think of it like this, although this is a very simplistic analogy.
If you were ever in a relationship with someone who was dishonest with you, if they
dated someone else while dating, or being married to you, even though they said they
were committed to you. If they charged bills to your credit cards without asking, or stole
from you or if they lied to you about even little things,  then you have an idea of  what
sin is like to God.
You see, He created us and He loves us, and when we chase after other gods, like
money, fame, sex, other worldlygods, He gets very jealous; yet He won't force you to
love Him, in fact He will let you have your way, but unfortunately this in the long run
means your soul's destruction. (See Roman's 1:18-25)
The problem is that sin has created a chasm between us and God.
Like this picture below
Jesus is God's solution to the
problem of sin. By dieing on
the cross Jesus bridged the
gap between God and Man.
He alone could pay the price
of our sins. The bible says in
1 Peter 2:24 "and He Himself
bore our sins in His body on
the cross, so that we might die
to sin and live to
righteousness; for by His
wounds you were healed."
Sin creates a chasm that
nothing can bridge, good
deeds, (also called works
sometimes) fall short, as do
good morals, education, and
even religion.
Human-kind has tried just
about every conceivable
method of regaining its
relationship with God, even
building a tower. But
everything we do falls far
short because God is so Holy.
John 14:6 says "I am the way,
the truth, and the life, no one
comes to the Father but
through Me."
Through faith in Jesus we are
restored to a right relationship
with God the Father. Man's
faith response is to live lives
that bring honor and glory to
God the Father.
Col 3:17 says
And whatever you do in word
or deed, do all in the name of
the Lord Jesus Christ
There are no magic words or secret prayer or certain place you have to be to accept Jesus as your savior. Just
bow you head, close your eyes, and ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and to be the Lord of your life. Ask
Him to send His Holy Spirit into your heart to teach and guide you in your new faith.
Of course you will have better success in staying on the right path and growing in your faith if you find a good
Bible believing Church to attend. Fellowship is an important part of our Christian walk and no one can do it
alone. And don't think that everyone  there is perfect, believe me they are not, every Christian is just like you, a
sinner saved by grace struggling to change his or her life and walk right with Christ.
Make sure the Pastor uses the Bible when he preaches, if he doesn't leave and find a church that does.
As Christians we can no longer depend on the teachings and wisdom of men, we have to read and hear the
word of God as he gave it to us in the Bible.
The other thing you should do is get a good bible, there are many different translations and I could write a
book just on that topic alone, some have. Just get a good bible, the New American Standard Bible (NASB for
short) is my favorite and the English Standard Version (ESV) is my second  favorite. Many people use the
(NIV) New International Version or the Message, and while they are okay translations they tend to sometimes
over simplify the teachings. Some may give you a King James and while it is a wonderful and traditional
translation it is written in English from over 400 years ago and we don't talk like that anymore. It is fun to learn
some of the verses and even poetic at times, it is just not a great bible for the average person to try to read and
understand everyday. God is not trying to make His word hard to understand, He wants you to know what He
says and what He wants from you.
Once you have a good Bible start reading it everyday, make it a habit, I usually read first thing in the morning
while everyone else is sleeping. Don't try to read to much, take your time, theres a lot to understand. I suggest
that new believers Read the Gospel of John first and then the letter to the Romans, its a great place to start and
both books are full of the teachings that we need to know as new believers.
It may seem different or even upside down from what you have been taught or told, thats okay. Much of you
Christian walk will challenge everything you thought you knew, God will convict you, that means He will point
out things in your life that are sin, even though you have been doing them for a long time and may even know
other people who do it too. When God convicts you He is teaching you what He wants from us, and we don't
always know why!
Remember faith is a journey not an immediate arrival. It takes a life time to learn and grow into the man or
woman God wants you to be, its hard work and it will often cause you to lose friends and sometimes even
family members will not be happy with your decision. But this is not about them, this is about you and your
eternal future. This is about your relationship with God and how He wants you to live while here on earth.  
Best Wishes on your new journey and God Speed. May he keep you and hold you as you learn what it means
to be a follower of Jesus Christ.